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The Committee on Achieving Science Goals with CubeSats  Community Symposium


The Committee on Achieving Science Goals with CubeSats hosted a community symposium on September 2-3 at the Beckman Center in Irvine, CA, to explore the feasibility of obtaining high-priority science data using CubeSats. The symposium featured a series of panel discussions among scientists and technologists in the areas of Earth science, solar and space physics (heliophysics), planetary science, astronomy and astrophysics, as well as technology that enables CubeSats, technology development enabled by CubeSats, and industry capabilities. The panels explored science goals, how these goals could be achieved using CubeSats, and the potential for new science that is enabled by CubeSats. These discussions were framed by current CubeSat technological capabilities and those anticipated in the near future.

The Committee also solicited posters as critical inputs to the symposium that will be displayed at a poster session. Posters were targeted to one or more of the following: current CubeSat missions and science results, CubeSat mission concepts, or technology that enables CubeSat science missions. Of particular interest were posters concerning CubeSat-enabled microgravity science. 

2015 sept cubesat photo 22015 sept cube sat 1

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Keynote Speaker Presentations*
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2015 cubesats zurbuchen

(Photo Source)

Thomas Zurbuchen

University of Michigan, Committee Chair
2015 cubesats Tu
(Photo Source)

Eugene Tu

NASA Ames Research Center Director

2015 cubesats korsmyer

(Photo Source)

David  Korsmeyer

NASA Ames Research Center Director of Engineering

 2015 cubesats welles

(Photo Source)

Richard Welle
Slides Not currently available

The Aerospace Corporation

2015 cubesats spence
(Photo Source)
Harlan Spence

University of New Hampshire

2015 cubesats castillo

(Photo Source)

Julie Castillo-Rogez

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2015 cubesats cahoy
(Photo Source)
Kerri Cahoy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2015 cubesats busalacchii
(Photo Source)
Antonio Busalacchi

University of Maryland

 * We have posted only those presentations which have been made available to us.

Further information this activity may be viewed on our current projects system.  


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