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Committee on Solar and Space Physics 

ARCHIVE March 2012-February 2017
This committee has been replaced by the Discipline Committee on Solar and Space Physics(Effective March 2, 2017)

Project Information 


The overarching purpose of the committee is to support scientific progress in solar and heliospheric physics, plasma physics, magnetospheric physics, aeronomy, physics of the upper atmospheres of Earth and other planets, solar-planetary interactions, and cosmic ray physics. The CSSP scope spans areas of those physical sciences that can be conducted from space and via ground-based activities in support of space-based efforts, such as modeling and laboratory work. The CSSP provides an independent, authoritative forum for identifying and discussing issues in solar, heliospheric and space physics between the research community, the federal government, and the interested public.

As recognized both by the agencies and the research community, there is also a continuing need to monitor the progress in implementation of the recommendations of the solar and space physics decadal survey--building on the survey that was tasked with surveying the field of space- and ground-based solar and space physics, recommending the highest priority scientific targets for the decade 2013-2022, and developing an integrated research strategy that will present a means to address the identified scientific targets. The need for careful monitoring is underscored by the fact that some of the survey's recommendations are associated with a set of triggers and decision rules. Other developments that trigger the need for reassessment include cost growth and/or changes of scope in the project baseline.

In fulfilling these responsibilities, the committee may formulate and oversee ad-hoc studies related to the implementation of the solar and space physics survey and on issues in solar and space physics more broadly, including.

  • The scientific quality and the potential for discovery in the field;
  • The scientific impact of a change in the technical design, cost estimate, schedule, or programmatic sequencing of one or more of the decadal survey recommended activities;
  • The impact of scientific advances on the technical design, schedule, or programmatic sequencing of one or more decadal survey recommended activities;
  • The impact of changing budget priorities, especially those that challenge the fundamental assumptions of the solar and space physics decadal survey, on the implementation of decadal survey priorities and on solar and space physics research more broadly; and
  • The potential impact on a recommended course of action at a decision point described in the decadal survey.

The committee provides oversight in the areas of solar and heliospheric physics, solar-terrestrial physics, magnetospheric physics, cosmic radiation, “space weather,” and more generally on studies in space plasma physics that can be conducted from space and ground-based activities in support of space-based efforts. In this capacity, CSSP monitors implementation of strategies and the formulation of assessments for NASA, NSF, NOAA, and other government agencies.


The committee is pleased to acknowledge support from NASA for this activity.

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Meetings and Events


March 28-30, 2017
Washington, DC
View Agenda
View Space Science Week Outline Agenda

October 5-7, 2016
Washington, DC

View Agenda I  View Presentations


March 29-31, 2016
Washington, DC
View Agenda
View Space Science Week Outline Agenda

October 14-15, 2015
View Agenda  View Presentations

March 31-April 2, 2015, Washington, DC
View Agenda | View Presentations
View the NRC Space Science Week Outline Agenda

October 7-8, 2014, Washington, DC
View Agenda | View Presentations

March 3-5, 2014, Washington, DC
View Agenda | View Presentations
View Full Space Science Week Agenda

October 31-November 1, 2013, Washington, DC
View Agenda | View Presentations

March 6-8, 2013, Washington, DC
View Agenda | View Presentations
View Full Space Science Week Agenda


March 3-5, 2010, Boulder, CO
December 3-4, 2009, Washington, DC
April 1-2, 2008, Washington, DC
December 3-4, 2008, Washington, DC

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Current Membership 


J. Todd Hoeksema, Co-Chair, Stanford University
Mary K. Hudson, Co-Chair, Dartmouth College
Timothy S. Bastian, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Amitava Bhattacharjee, Princeton University
Stephen A. Fuselier, Southwest Research Institute
George M. Gloeckler (NAS), University of Maryland
Thomas Immel, University of California, Berkeley
Justin Kasper, University of Michigan
Louis J. Lanzerotti (NAE), New Jersey Institute of Technology
Judith L. Lean (NAS), Naval Research Laboratory
Robyn Millan, Dartmouth College
Terrance G. Onsager, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Aaron Ridley, University of Michigan
Nathan A. Schwadron, University of New Hampshire
Joshua Semeter, Boston University

View Member Bios

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Abigail Sheffer, Program Officer
Marchel Holle, Research Associate
Anesia Wilks, Senior Program Assistant


Past Meeting Presentations
We have posted only presentations which have been made available to us by the presenter.

October 5-6, 2016

Steven Clarke
Bill Murtagh
Dave Boboltz
Therese Jorgensen (1)
Joseph Smith
Todd Hoeksema-No Slides
Mary Hudson- No Slides
Carrie Black & Therese Jorgensen
Jill Dahlburg
Bill Lapenta (1)
Bill Lapenta (2)
Elsayed Talaat (1) No Slides
Ralph Stoffler-No Slides
Antii Pulkinnen
Rodney Viereck
Lisa Upton
Ryan Mcgranaghan
Terry Onsager (2)
Col. Mike Gremillion- No Slides
Michael Bonadonna- No Slides
Elsayed Talaat (2)-No Slides
N. A. Schwadron
Andres Munoz-Jaramillo

March 29-31, 2016

Mike Liemohn
Byron Tapley
Jim Ulvestad
Steven Clarke
Elsayed Talaat
Mona Kessel
Tom Berger
Therese Jorgensen-No Slides

October 14-15, 2015

Steven Clarke
Janet Kozyra
Ralph Stoffler
Tom Berger-no slides
Bill Lotko
Robyn Millan-permission pending
Jim Ulvestad

March 31-April 2, 2015

Athena Coustenis
Nicholas Walter
Ji Wu
Bruce Jakosky
Jefferey Newmark
Vladimir Papitashvili
Tom Berger
David Boboltz
Sarah Gibson
Len Fisk
View Plenary Slides

October 7-8, 2014

Jeff Newmark
Karel Schrijver
Ron Turner
Karel Schrijver (2)
Pete Riley
Jeffrey Love
Jeffrey Love(2)
Lika Guhathakurta
Rich Behnke

March 3-5, 2014

Dave Chennette
Ron Turner
Terry Onsager/NOAA

October 2013
Thomas Burns
Dave Chenette
Therese Moretto-Jorgensen
Nathan Schwadron

March 2013
Rich Behnke
John Lee
Jim Ulvestad
Ed DeLuca
Larry Paxton
Steve Battel
Mike Bonadonna
Jeff Newmark

*This list of available presentations contains only those in which the presenter has agreed to permit its posting on this website. If there are other presentations you hope to view, please send your request to for further information.

* No slides indicates that the presenter did not utilize slides during their presentation.

* Permission pending indicates that the presenter has not given us consent to publish the slides they presented at the meeting.  

*Written materials submitted to a study committee by external sources are listed in the project's public access file and can be made available to the public upon request via the Academies Public Access Records Office.


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