Ending the Tobacco Problem - Resources for Local Action
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Tobacco Regulation


Increase State Tobacco Taxes

In the last ten years, a number of states in the U.S. have raised their taxes on cigarettes. The 2007 Maryland tax increase is a good example of how a citizen’s coalition successfully campaigned for a higher tax.


Increase Federal Tobacco Taxes

One of the few methods proven to effectively reduce tobacco use around the world—in both developed and developing countries, in men and women, and across age groups—is raising excise taxes. Read about how a coalition of anti-tobacco organizations worked together to achieve a higher federal tax on cigarettes. 


State Restrictions on Cigarette Sales in Retail Outlets

As of 2009, few states regulate advertising and tobacco sales in retail outlets such as grocery stores and convenience stores. Because there are so few restrictions, tobacco companies aggressively advertise their products in retail outlets. Read about one state’s success in restricting cigarette sales in retail outlets.


Limiting Tobacco Advertising to Youth
The Cigarette Smoking Act of 1969 began restricting tobacco advertising through bans on both television and radio advertisements for cigarettes. Since then, many more restrictions have been put in place; however, cigarette advertisements are still common and abundant through a variety of media. Learn about one coalition’s success in gaining restrictions on tobacco advertising.