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Foods and supplements cannot prevent you from getting COVID-19

CLAIM: Eating certain foods or supplements will keep you from catching the novel coronavirus disease.

FALSE. There are no foods, drinks, or supplements that will protect you from COVID-19.


Don’t fall for false claims.

Eating or avoiding certain foods won’t prevent you from getting COVID-19. Even worse, some fake “cures” can hurt you.

  • There are many false claims about COVID-19. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating fraudulent products claiming to prevent, diagnose, or treat COVID-19.
  • There is no evidence that foods such as garlic or bananas can protect you from the coronavirus.
  • Consuming foods or drinks that are cold or hot cannot prevent you from getting COVID-19.
  • Eating or fasting for parts of the day cannot prevent you from getting COVID-19.
  • There is no evidence that dietary supplements can “boost” or “supercharge” your immune system to protect you from infections.

Eating well is important for your overall health.

Eating nutritious foods can help you feel good and maintain a healthy weight.

  • Scientists recommend a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.
  • Eating well makes you less likely to get chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • It is important to follow proper food safety practices such as washing your hands, utensils, and surfaces often and refrigerating and freezing food properly.

Washing your hands and cleaning surfaces are ways to protect yourself from COVID-19.

You can take action to avoid catching COVID-19.

Published on: April 21, 2020