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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Fellowships Office has conducted the NRC Research Associateship Programs in cooperation with sponsoring federal laboratories and other research organizations approved for participation since 1954. Through national competitions, the Fellowships Office recommends and makes NRC Research Associateship awards to outstanding postdoctoral and senior scientists and engineers for tenure as guest researchers at participating laboratories. 

Objectives of the NRC Research Associateship Programs:
  • To provide postdoctoral and senior scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability opportunities for research on problems, largely of their own choice, that are compatible with the interests of the sponsoring laboratories
  • To contribute to the overall efforts of the laboratories
  • To provide an opportunity for recent doctoral graduates to conduct concentrated research in association with selected members of the permanent professional laboratory staff
  • To afford an opportunity for established scientists and engineers to conduct research without the interruptions and distracting assignments of a permanent career position

Status of an NRC Research Associate

NRC Research Associates are guest investigators, not employees of the National Academies or of the sponsoring federal laboratory (with the exception of NIST). No commitment on the part of an Associate, the sponsoring laboratory, or the National Academies with regard to later employment is implied or should be inferred by the offer or acceptance of an award.

NRC Research Associates must devote their full-time effort to the research program proposed in their applications and must be in residence at the sponsoring laboratory during the entire period of the Associateship award. No period of tenure may be spent in residence at another laboratory or institution. Associates have the status of visiting scientists or engineers but are subject to the general regulations of the laboratory. No additional monetary aid or other remuneration may be accepted from another appointment, fellowship, or similar grant, except for sabbatical leave, during the period of the Associateship.