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Partnerships for enhanced engagement in research (PEER)
Cycle 4 (2015 Deadline)

Implementation of a randomization-based curriculum for introductory statistics at UPH and across Indonesia

PI: Kie Van Ivanky Saputra (, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH)
U.S. Partner: Nathan Tintle, Dordt University
Project Dates: November 2015 - October 2019

Project Blog:

Project Overview

Statistics education reform is spreading around the globe but has yet to reach Indonesia. In this project Dr. Saputra and his colleagues will expose many Indonesian teachers of introductory statistics to the reformed content and pedagogy of simulation-based methods for teaching introductory statistics, methods that are growing in popularity at both the high school and college levels worldwide. The team will demonstrate that the simulation-based approaches to teaching introductory statistics developed by their U.S. Government-supported partner Dr. Tintle and his colleagues is a viable and effective alternative to teaching statistics to Indonesian university and high school students. As part of this project, the UPH group will provide helpful training to many statistics educators in Indonesia, impacting thousands of students in one of the world’s fastest growing disciplines. Finally, documenting student learning gains and improved attitudes when using the new curriculum is an important element of the project, and statistics teachers around Indonesia will participate in an assessment project to document these gains. They will disseminate the results of their workshops and the assessment project through peer-reviewed papers and conference presentations.

This new statistics curriculum will reform statistics education on a national level, changing traditional teaching methods to an active learning, student focused approach, engaging students to use more technology in learning something new, and initiating changes in statistical education through professional development. The sustained online learning community and faculty development materials included in this project will reach more than 200 statistics teachers and ultimately more than 3,000 Indonesian students. With a diverse range of professions in which statistics plays a role, the project has the potential for effecting substantial change in many sectors in the nation. Initially, it will impact hundreds of statistics educators and thousands of students in the classroom, and later on, indirectly, it should improve overall statistical literacy in the country. Its broader impacts are envisioned in enhancements to the quality of statistical education, the quality of statistical research, and the application of statistics throughout Indonesia.

Summary of Recent Activities

4-29 Students at UPH
Statistics students at Universitas Pelita Harapan (photo courtesy of Dr. Saputra).
During the second quarter of 2019, Dr. Saputra and his colleagues finished another batch of surveys of classes that had implemented their introductory statistics curriculum with simulation-based inference. These included two classes at Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) (electrical engineering and biotechnology) and one from Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta (UMJ) (math education). UMJ representatives had been invited to participate in one of the team’s workshops, so the researchers are particularly pleased that they decided to adopt the new approach in teaching introductory statistics this past semester. The PI and his group have collected data since the Spring 2016 semester from various departments at UPH, and they continue to analyze the survey results and other indicators as they become available to see if their instructional approach offers benefits, particularly as the instructors gain experience with the methodology and more materials become available in Bahasa Indonesian.

From June 21 to July 12, Dr. Saputra visited Dordt University in Iowa to work with his U.S. partner Dr. Nathan Tintle. Together with Dr. Tintle’s students, they collaborated on analyzing the Indonesian team’s recent survey results and drafted an article for submission to a technical journal. In late July, plans calls for PEER team member Lina Cahyadi, a lecturer at UPH, to attend the 2019 Joint Statistical Meetings, a major conference organized in Denver by the American Statistical Association and several other national and international professional societies. In subsequent months, the PI and other colleagues plan to visit other universities to continue to build awareness of their instructional methodology and curriculum materials as they prepare for further implementation with classes in the fall 2019 semester. Dr. Saputra and his group will also be creating a video lecture on simulation-based inference to be posted online. A no-cost extension has been requested to give the team more time to respond to expressions of interest from other Indonesian universities and analyze and report on the data they have collected. The new end date is still being worked out.

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