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For Applicants | Focus AreasIndonesia/ Multiple Sectors and Biodiversity

Applicant Resources

Eligible Country:


Additional Criteria for Applicants:

Please see Section V of the Solicitation for General Eligibility requirements.


For the current cycle of PEER, applicants in Indonesia are welcome to submit pre-proposals relevant to either of the following topical themes, one very broad and the other specific:
  • PEER is seeking research projects that support the goals and objectives of USAID/Indonesia as outlined in the Mission’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS, available online at Research proposals on a variety of topics will be considered, with those that align with the CDCS given higher priority. Please see prior PEER awards for a sample of the range of research topics that will be considered.
  • In addition to Indonesia-based projects on a variety of development-related topics as noted above, PEER also encourages proposals for research projects with a focus on elucidating and increasing understanding of the causes and consequences of the loss of biodiversity in both marine and terrestrial environments in Indonesia, with a focus on societal and security implications of this biodiversity loss.