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Applicant Resources

Eligible Countries:


Additional Criteria for Applicants:

Please see Section V of the Solicitation for General Eligibility requirements.


PEER and USAID/Tunisia are seeking to support projects that lay the foundation for empowering current and new generations, strengthening civil society, and solidifying and expanding science and technology in Tunisia. Principal investigators have the opportunity to apply for PEER funds if their research supports one of the following priority areas as outlined by USAID Tunisia:
  1. Health and agricultural sciences;
  2. Natural resource management, to include water management, soil conservation, land management, and energy diversification, as well as general sustainable development issues; and
  3. The use of geographic information systems (GIS) and other platforms for the collection and mapping of geospatial data to enable science-based policy making.
Applications with a focus on technology transfer, commercialization, and engagement with private sector stakeholders are highly encouraged. PEER projects that will result in the creation of new collaborations between Tunisian and U.S.-based researchers are viewed favorably. USAID/Tunisia is particularly interested in supporting projects that develop and/or utilize innovative approaches to addressing the Mission’s development priorities.

Women researchers are strongly encouraged to apply.