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Pakistan-US Science and Technology Cooperation Program
Phase 7 (2017 Deadline)

Capacity building at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology to address drinking water issues in Pakistan
US Partner: Ramesh Goel, University of Utah
Pakistan Partner: Rasool Mahar, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology

Project summary
The goal is to establish research infrastructure and expertise at Mehran University to study microbiological drinking water quality, with a special focus on antibiotic resistant bacteria in the environment. This project will train and inspire the next generation of water sector professionals, including disadvantaged students, to meet the specialized demands of the Government and drinking water industry sectors. Pakistani graduate students and faculty members will be visiting the research lab in the U.S. Online short workshops will be conducted to disseminate the latest knowledge about key environmental issues. Additionally, the principal investigator (PI) from the U.S side will help the PI from the Pakistan side to develop new courses and/or modify existing environmental engineering and science courses.