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Pakistan-US Science and Technology Cooperation Program
Phase 7 (2017 Deadline)

Endocrine disrupting chemicals in Kabul and Swat rivers and their impact on fish populations and rural community livelihoods
US Partner: Linda Lee, Purdue University
Pakistan Partner: Bushra Khan, University of Peshawar
Project summary
The presence of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in surface waters from industrial and municipal wastewater discharge has emerged as a serious issue globally. EDCs interfere with hormone systems in humans and animals, causing serious health and environmental problems. This project will evaluate the EDC types and concentrations in the Kabul and Swat Rivers; identify factors impacting EDC loads in this watershed; evaluate aquatic ecosystem health; assess local communities’ perceptions of water quality and river ecosystem health, their relationships to their lives and livelihoods, and their willingness to engage in conservation practices; and provide recommendations to reduce the impact of EDCs on river health for use by policymakers, researchers and regulatory agencies.