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Peer health/ philippines - cycle 2 

Concept Note Process 

The request for a concept note is to ensure that full applications will be relevant to country health priorities as articulated in Section V (TB in children).  All concept notes must be submitted via an online system on the NAS website. Paper submissions are not accepted. First time applicants will need to create a new user account.

Please carefully review the full text of this solicitation for further guidance on each required concept note element.  When writing the concept note, Filipino applicants should consider how their research will contribute to strategic health objectives outlined in this solicitation.  
Successful concept notes will address the program’s objectives and selection criteria listed below and will include clear statements of the project goals and explanations of how these goals will be achieved. Successful concept notes will also explain how the investigator and USG funded partner’s research interests and expertise provide the qualification needed to successfully undertake the project.

Applicants are required to submit a concept note form through the online system, completed in English that includes the following sections:

Eligibility Information
Concept Note Process
Concept Note Review Criteria
Next Step: Full Proposal Submission
Finding Research Partners

Download the request for concept note as PDF.

Applicants who have questions
after reviewing the materials on
this Web site are encouraged to
contact PEER Health staff by e-mail

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  1. Principle Investigator's Information
  2. USG-supported Partner Information
  3. Project Description (no more than 3 pages) in which the following must be addressed:
    • Project aims and objectives.
    • Significance of the research to The Philippine’s Focus Area.
    • Potential partners with whom the applicant will collaborate on the project (for example, government agencies, USAID Missions, research networks, laboratories, and other implementing partners) and the nature of the planned collaborations.
    • A description of how the expertise of the USG funded partner will complement your proposed project.
  4. Budget Summary: If project budget exceeds $142,000, applicants must demonstrate support from other sources to cover the additional amount above what PEER Health could provide
  5. Appendices:
    • A brief CV, no more than two pages, for the principal investigator. The CV should provide citations for no more than 5-10 recent and relevant publications.
    • A brief letter of support from the USG partner including the partner’s USG funded grant number, funding agency, program officer and contact information.