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Material Science and Engineering, Rutgers University

Dr. Harrington is currently a Professor of Ceramic Science & Engineering in the Fiber Optic Materials Research Program. He has over thirty years of research experience in the area of optical properties of solids. Since 1977, he has worked on all aspects of infrared fibers including fabrication, characterization, and applications. He is generally recognized as one of the world's leading experts in this continually evolving field. His current research interests include the development of fiber optics for use in the delivery of laser power in surgical and industrial applications and for use as chemical and thermal fiber sensors. He graduated with a BA in Physics from Grinnell College, and with an M.S. and Ph.D in Physics from Northwestern University.

State Department Profile
Dr. Harrington worked with the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN) on the control of dual-use goods and technologies by the 40 countries participating in the Wassenaar Agreement (WA).  Dr. Harrington provided technical advice to the Conventional Arms and Threat Reduction Office within ISN that is responsible for conducting negotiations with the participating states of the WA.  Additionally, he chaired several technical working groups charged to develop U.S. proposals for the WA expert group.

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