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Frank Ettensohn
University of Kentucky





























































Dr. Frank R. Ettensohn is a Professor of Geology and former Chair of the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences and former Director of the Honors Program at the University of Kentucky. He served as an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Afterwards, he received his doctoral degree in geology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has been at the University of Kentucky since 1975. For many years, he has directed the University’s summer Geology Field Camp in the Elk Mountains of central Colorado. He was awarded Fulbright Professorships in the former Soviet Union and Nepal and has been a visiting professor in Ecuador and China. His teaching and research interests are in the broad areas of field geology, sedimentary geology and paleobiology, and he has been especially interested in the origins and characterization of black, marine, oil and gas shales. His research has been supported by NSF, DOE, the former Bureau of Mines, as well as by state agencies and oil companies. He is a fellow of the Geological Society of America and is also involved in The Paleontological Society, American Institute of Professional Geologists, American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the International Association of Sedimentologists, among others. He was recently awarded the College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor Award for 2013-2014.

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Bureau of Energy Resources
Office of Energy Programs

Frank Ettensohn served as senior petroleum geologist and science advisor in ENR/EGA/EP. He followed international developments in conventional and unconventional gas for his office and did country-based assessments on the availability of unconventional gas resources, including shale gas, coalbed methane and tight sands. In addition to supporting the ENR team, he advised colleagues in State regional bureaus and other governmental agencies about the geological controls on gas occurrence, development of unconventional gas resources and energy governance. Dr. Ettensohn’s main focus was on the possibilities of worldwide shale-gas development and the resulting implications for energy security.