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Dr. Michael Shur
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


































































Dr. Michael Shur received MSEE (with honors) from the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University, and Ph.D. and Dr. Sc. Degree from A. F. Ioffe Institute. He is Patricia W. and C. Roberts Professor of Solid State Electronics and Director of NSF I/UCR Center at RPI. His recent research publications are related to electronic and photonic devices, including terahertz devices and systems and deep ultraviolet diodes for applications in medicine, agriculture, and water purification. His research on high-speed devices deals terahertz emitters and sensitive terahertz detectors for applications ranging from cancer diagnostics to ultra-high speed wireless communications. He also explores nitride semiconductors, with their enormous current carrying capabilities and high breakdown voltages, for applications in energy and communication systems. His research on smart lighting focuses on novel ways to evaluate the quality of light with applications for energy savings and custom lighting.

State Department Profile

Economic and Business Affairs Bureau
Global Entrepreneurship Office

Dr. Michael Shur is working in the Department of State Global Entrepreneurship Office that has ambitious programs supporting entrepreneurship and emerging small businesses around the globe. The United States Government and Up Global will support and train 500,000 new entrepreneurs in the next three years in 1,000 cities worldwide. Dr. Shur’s duties include interacting with universities and university business incubators worldwide for establishing programs promoting entrepreneurship and educating small business entrepreneurs. He is also responsible for supporting entrepreneurship programs in Latin America.