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Elizabeth Guertal
Auburn University

Beth Guertal is the Rowe Endowed Professor in the Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences Department at Auburn University, AL. Her overall research program studies the fate of fertilizer nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) in the environment, including loss pathways of leaching and volatilization. She also focuses on plant response (with an emphasis on turfgrass) to added nutrients, and how that affects plant growth, playability, and athlete safety. In addition to this work, she evaluates new and introduced fertilizer materials, including quasi-non essential elements (silicon), and new formulations such as slow-release materials, biofertilizers, and novel materials such as humic acids or bacterial inoculants. In her service, she has served as a Technical Editor for Crop Science, and as an Associate Editor for the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) Journal, Crop Science (CSSA), and Agronomy Journal (ASA). She is a past-Chair of Division C-5 (Turfgrass Management, CSSA), a Fulbright Fellow, and a Fellow of CSSA, SSSA, and ASA. She is a past President of the Crop Science Society of America (2019).

USAID Profile

Innovation, Technology and Research
Scientific Research

Elizabeth Guertal works with USAID in Innovation, Technology and Research – Scientific Research (ITR/R). Within this group, she serves as an Activity Manager for projects in the BRIDGE program (The Bringing Research to Impact for Development, Global Engagement, and Utilization), which works with higher education institutions in USAID partner countries to promote the effective use of research; to strengthen the pipeline of local researchers and policymakers; and to build a knowledge base for how to effectively advance the use of evidence to create development impact. As one example, she participates in a newly launched project in Peru, The Program for Peruvian Extension and Research Utilization HUB (PERU-Hub), a five-year long project between Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM) and partner U.S. institutions.