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About Your Poster and the Poster Session

You are requested to prepare a  poster summarizing your research, including progress made and development impacts.  You will be presenting your poster at one of the poster sessions scheduled during the conference (we will get in touch to inform you of which session you were assigned to).

You will be responsible for printing and bringing along your poster to the conference for display. There are no printing facilities on the premises of the conference. 
While the flash talk is a teaser to let people know about what you do, the poster session is an opportunity to go into more details and answer specific questions about your research from potential partners and/or funding agencies. If you are partnering with another institution in a multi-institutional PEER grant and you are the Co-PI, please work with your lead PI to coordinate what your poster would be and you can all work together on one poster (you will still have to each prepare your own flash talk/PowerPoint). Please see the attached guidelines on the poster’s format and requirements.  
Again, you are responsible for printing your poster in your home country and bringing it along to Thailand at the conference for display (you can protect it in a cardboard or plastic poster tube during the trip). Do not leave printing your poster until the last minute.
Please click here to download the official USAID logo to include in your posters and presentations.