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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Fellowships Office
Policy and Global Affairs
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Fellowships Office Staff Directory

Eric Basques
Senior Program Officer

Adam Brand
Senior Accounting/Financial Assistant

Cotilya Brown

Travel Coordinator

Dilshan De Mel
Financial Associate

Charlie Fink
Senior IT Administrator

Ray Gamble

Vicki Hall
Travel Coordinator

Barbara Kneebone
Payroll Specialist

Albert Llaguri

Financial Associate

Wendy McKinnon
Associate Program Officer

Pete Monacelli
Web Services Engineer

Chris O'Brien
Manager, Ford Fellowship Programs

Julie Parker

Director, Finance and Administration

Leah Probst
Program Officer

Dominique Rosa
Meetings Coordinator

Emily Slatter
´╗┐Associate Program Officer

Linda Sligh
Associate Program Officer

Melanie Suydam

Senior Program Officer

Peggy Wilson
Visa Officer