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For Applicants | Focus AreasMadagascar/ Biodiversity Friendly, Climate Resilient
Human Development in Madagascar

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Additional Criteria for Applicants:

Please see Section V of the Solicitation for General Eligibility requirements.


Madagascar is one of the highest conservation priorities in the world due to its high levels of biological diversity, much of which is endemic, and the high degree of threat due to years of political crisis and the economic and environmental degradation that followed. USAID works to provide communities and local organizations with the means to protect these invaluable resources from illegal exploitation and to use biodiversity-friendly and climate-resilient methods to achieve economic development.

In alignment with the goals of USAID/Madagascar, the PEER program is interested in supporting projects that provide a better understanding of how activities contributing to human wellbeing and improved livelihoods can be harmonized with long-term biodiversity conservation and climate resilience development in Madagascar. Proposed research projects should aim to address one or more of the following topic areas:
  • Developing and/or improving land uses related to climate-smart agriculture and natural resource management (e.g. , fisheries, forestry) that also reduce threats to biodiversity
  • Enhancing the collection of biophysical data (including climate information) to better measure and monitor changes in biodiversity resources and threats to biodiversity resources from different land/sea use practices and management approaches
  • Optimizing climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation co-benefits in the context of a development program
  • Improving the economic valuation of ecosystems and ecosystem services and increasing opportunities for innovative financing for biodiversity conservation
  • Adapting land/sea/natural resources tenure regimes that can reduce threats to biodiversity conservation
Projects must have explicit biodiversity conservation objectives, with anticipated outcomes that positively impact biodiversity and natural resources management in Madagascar. USAID/Madagascar is particularly interested in supporting research projects that involve collaborations with a wide range of stakeholders, including private sector partners and civil society organizations, as well as projects that have the potential to inform government policy at the national and/or local level. PEER projects that include a USG-supported partner or co-partner based at a U.S. university are encouraged. Women researchers are strongly encouraged to apply.