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For Applicants | Focus AreasTunisia / Multiple Sectors

Applicant Resources

PDF version of RFA (Request for Applications)
Eligible Countries:


Additional Criteria for Applicants:

Please see Section V of the Solicitation for General Eligibility requirements. For this focus area, applicants must be based at or have an affiliation with an institution of higher education (university), non-profit organization (NGO), or government-managed research laboratory, center, or institute.


PEER and USAID/Tunisia are seeking applicants with projects that will help grow the economy of Tunisia and lay a foundation to empower current and new generations. We are looking for research products and tools that will help establish Tunisia as a regional leader.

The following are USAID Tunisia’s various priority areas with examples of the types of research projects and products that would help bring Tunisian society into the position of a regional hub.
  1. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
    • Mapping out the current talents and capabilities in the ICT sector using geospatial tools
    • Research on how Tunisia could become a regional ICT Hub and action plan to get there
  2. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
    • Describe the Tunisian SME ecosystem using novel tools
    • Partnerships and methods to improve delivery of ‘last mile’ services to the consumer or end user
    • Impact of ICT and entrepreneurship on the transformation of SMEs
  3. Economic Growth
    • Applied and product research
    • Bringing technology to scale that will catapult Tunisia into a tech leader
    • Last mile research for products that will help drive the economic growth of different sectors
    • Data science and research to discover the gaps in skills versus available jobs in country
  4. Energy
    • Projects related to renewable energy development
    • Research that explores energy diversification in Tunisia
  5. Tourism
    • Research projects with a tourism focus, including eco-tourism
Strong applications will have a cross-disciplinary team (e.g., social scientist, communications specialist, economist, etc.) and a clearly articulated beneficiary or stakeholder (e.g., policymakers, NGOs, government ministries, etc.), influencers, and plan of engagement, including a communications strategy. Research results must also be action oriented with less of an emphasis on trainings and convening and more of an emphasis on research to measurable action, or interventions.

Duration of Project:

Projects should be designed to be implemented in one to three years with budgets of $40,000 to $80,000 (USD) per year for one institution (single institution award) and $100,000 (USD) per year for awards involving support for more than one institution (multiple institution awards). Proposals received for projects greater than three years in length will not be considered for funding. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.