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Applicant Resources

Single FAQ Line
Do I need a USG-supported partner in order to apply? 

Yes. Applicants who apply to PEER must collaborate on their project with a researcher who is currently supported by an active research award funded by a U.S. government (USG) agency that is participating in the PEER program. This support can include active grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts. Please see eligibility information to see the USG agencies that are participating in this PEER solicitation.

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Single FAQ Line
The PEER program is accepting preproposals for research projects of one year in duration with a budget of up to US $70,000. All funds (aside from 10% of budget that can be set aside for USG-partner supported travel) are awarded to the PI's institution. These funds can be used for materials, staff salaries, travel, equipment, training, and workshops.

The following is a list of information and documents that are required to successfully complete a preproposal application. Note that all preproposal submissions are due by October 22, 2021 (11:59 PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time) and must be submitted through the PEER online application portal.

PI and USG-Supported Partner Information

  • Focus Area
  • Proposed Start Date
  • Duration of Project
  • PI and Institutional Information
  • Planned Travel 
USG-Supported Partner:
  • USG-Supported Partner Name and Institution
  • Project Title of USG-Supported Partner's Grant
  • USG-Supported Partner Funding Agency
  • USG-Supported Partner Grant Number
  • End Date of USG-Supported Partner 
  • Name of USG-Supported Partner's Program/Grant Manager at Agency
  • Contact Information for Program/Grant Manager
  • Secondary USG-Supported Partner Information (optional)
Project Description

It is recommended to review the USAID Country Development Cooperation Strategy for your country and align your project with the overall objectives stated in the document
  • Project Aims and Objectives
  • Significance of the Research as it Relates to the Focus Area
  • Expertise of the USG-Supported Partner
  • Other Potential Partners
  • Single or Multi-Institution Grant
  • Name of Other Institutions (optional)
  • Estimated Total Budget
Required Documents
  • CV of PI and Co-PIs
  • Letter of Support from USG-Supported Partner