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About the Program

The Marshall-Motley Scholars Program (MMSP or the Program) is an innovative scholarship program designed to produce a highly skilled cadre of racial justice attorneys committed to working in the Southern region of the United States.

The MMSP will afford Program participants:

(1) a full law school scholarship for tuition, room, board and incidentals—to alleviate the debt burden that can prevent future lawyers from pursuing a career in racial justice;

(2) summer internships at the Legal Defense Fund (LDF) and at peer organizations to begin their training as civil rights lawyers early in their law school careers;

(3) a two-year postgraduate fellowship at a national, regional, or local civil rights organization with a racial justice law practice in the South—to provide unprecedented access to educational advancement and skill-building, training, and preparation; and

(4) access to special LDF trainings.

In return, Program participants commit to practice civil rights law in pursuit of racial justice in the South for eight years following the conclusion of their fellowship.


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