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Committee On Increasing National Resilience To Hazards And Disasters


Susan L. Cutter (Chair)
Distinguished Professor and Director
Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute
Department of Geography
University of South Carolina

Major General Joseph A. "Bud" Ahearn (Rt.)
Vice Chairman of the Board (Rt.)
Bernard Amadei
Professor of Civil Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
University of Colorado at Boulder
Patrick Crawford
Director of Disaster Services
Feeding America
Gerald E. Galloway, Jr.
Glenn L. Martin Institute
Professor of Engineering
Michael F. Goodchild
Department of Geography
University of California, Santa Barbara
Howard C. Kunreuther
Professor of Decision Sciences and Business and Public Policy
University of Pennsylvania
Wharton School of Business
Meredith Li-Vollmer
Risk Communication Specialist
Seattle & King County
Monica Schoch-Spana
Senior Associate
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Susan Scrimshaw
The Sage Colleges
Ellis M. Stanley, Sr.
Director of Western Emergency Management Services
Gene Whitney
Energy Research Manager
Congressional Research Service
Mary Lou Zoback
Vice President, Earthquake Risk Applications
Risk Managements Solutions, Inc

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