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Throughout the duration of their projects, our principal investigators often create outreach and promotional materials aimed at both the research community and the general public. These materials, and more specifically the videos, will be shared here and be available for download.

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Ethiopia - Project 1-289: Reducing soil loss through effective soil and water conservation practices using hydrologic considerations and farmers’ participation in Blue Nile Basin
PI: Seifu Tilahun, Bahir Dar University
U.S. Partner: Christopher Barrett, Cornell University

Dr. Tilahun and his team explore methods of combatting soil loss.

Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam - Project 1-243: Assessment of impacts of the emission reduction measures of short-lived climate forcers on air quality and climate in Southeast Asia
PI: Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, Asian Institute of Technology
Co-PIs: Hoang Xuan Co, Hanoi University of Sciences Vietnam National University; Asep Sofyan, Institute of Technology Bandung; and Nguyen Tri Quang Hung, Nong Lam University
U.S. Partner: Philip Hopke, Clarkson Universit

"Say No to Open Burning of Rice Straw" produced by Dr. Kim Oanh and the project team

Indonesia - Project 1-235: Coral health surveys in COREMAP: building resilience in climate-impacted coral reefs of Indonesia
PI: Jamaluddin Jompa, Hasanuddin University
U.S. Partner: C. Drew Harvell, Cornell University

Dr. Jompa discusses the project

Indonesia - Project 1-152: Enhancements of research for adaptation of wetlands in Indonesia to projected impacts of sea level rise
PI: Frida Sidik, Institute for Marine Research and Observation, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
U.S. Partner: Ilka Feller, Smithsonian Institution

Mangrove Star, featuring Dave (the PI's son)Mangrove and Sea Level Rise

Uzbekistan - Project 1-41: Utilization of low quality water for halophytic forage and renewable energy production
PI: Kristina Toderich, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
U.S. Partner:  Laurel Saito, University of Nevada

New Life in the DesertNew Approaches for Oasis Forage Production under Saline Environments of the Kyzylkum Sandy Desert

The following videos are produced by or related to the PEER projects:
Indonesia - Project 4-125: Developing Science and Learning Research Capacity of Bengkulu University in Ex Situ Conservation of Sumatran Freshwater and Terrestrial Turtles
PI: Aceng Ruyani, Bengkulu University
U.S. Partner: Catherine Matthews, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

The project was featured on a the Trans7 TV program "Dunia Benatang - Kura Kura Sumatera (Animal World-Sumateran Turles) in November of 2016.
India - Project 3-207: Effects of climate change on cryosphere-river linkages: Insights from seasonal and inter-annual variation of glacial melt discharge in the headwaters of the Ganges River
PI: Indra Sen and co-PI Rajiv Sinha, Indian Institute of Technology--Kanpur
U.S. Partner: Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

A Study in Blue directed by Dr. Sen

Vietnam - Project 3-190: Water governance of minority communities in the Mekong Delta

PI: Nguyen Van Kien, Research Centre for Rural Development, An Giang University
U.S. Partners: Carol Xiaohui Song and Venkatesh Merwade, Purdue University

An Giang television program on PEER work at Khmer temples

Indonesia - Project 3-147: Tsunami waves impacts on coastal morphological changes based on sediment transport numerical simulations
PI: Syamsidik, Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Syiah Kuala University
U.S. Partner: Philip L-F. Liu, Cornell University

Dr. Syamsidik leads a national seminar on tsunamis December 21-22, 2015.The Return of the Coast documentary.

Indonesia - Project 3-103: Integrated local emergency response policy improvement and capacity building for advance-early warning system in the face of near-field tsunami risk
PI: Harkunti Pertiwi Rahayu, Institut Teknologi Bandung 
U.S. Partner: Louise K. Comfort, University of Pittsburgh

Critical Countdown: Using Local Data to improve Tsunami Warnings

Indonesia - Project 3-21: CLEAN project: converting municipal solid waste leachate into energy
PI: Wiratni Budhijanto, Universitas Gadjah Mada
U.S. Partner: Largus T. Angenent, Cornell University

The Complexity of the Organic Waste Problem video produced by the research team (Indonesian).

Vietnam - Project 2-496: Technical development and field-testing of a self-contained, inexpensive wave energy converter device
PI: Tho H. Nguyen, Tan Tao University
U.S. Partner: Brian Bingham, University of Hawaii

The SEAWEED project first year summary

Sri Lanka and India - Project 2-475: Fecal sludge and urine reuse in agriculture – opportunities for addressing phosphorus needs in India
PI: Pay Drechsel, International Water Management Institute, with co-PI Vijayaraghavan M. Chariar, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
U.S. Partner: James Elser, Arizona State University

Project member Sharada Prasad of IWMI presents at the FSM3 Conference in Hanoi, January 2015.

Kenya - Project 2-447: Capacity building in fish biodiversity discovery in Kenya
PI: Dorothy Wanja Nyingi, National Museums of Kenya
U.S. Partner: Henry Bart Jr., Tulane University

A review of Dr. Nyingi's educational book: Fishers of Kenya

Egypt - Project 2-239: The impact of biogenic and anthropogenic atmospheric aerosols to climate in Egypt
PI: Alaa Ibrahim, American University in Cairo
U.S. Partner: Allison Steiner, University of Michigan

Blue Skies Again (English and Arabic versions)

Colombia - Project 2-65: Ecosystem response to climate change in the mountain wetlands
PI: Juan Castaño, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
U.S. Partner: Jay Martin, The Ohio State University

Project sites narrated by US partner Dr. Martin

Uzbekistan - Project 1-41: Utilization of low quality water for halophytic forage and renewable energy production
PI: Kristina Toderich, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
U.S. Partner: Laurel Saito, University of Nevada

PI Toderich on Azerbaijani television in 2015, highlighting the role of halophytes as a new income source for marginalized communities (Azeri)

Colombia - Project 1-31: Impacts of climate change on tropical wetlands: tracking the evolution of two Andean lakes and a floodplain cienaga in Columbia
PI: Julio Eduardo Cañón, Universidad de Antioquia
U.S. Partner:  Francina Dominguez, University of Arizona

Students and team members discuss the impact of climate change on natural reservoirs in Columbia (Spanish)

PEER Funded Projects