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PEER Central asia forum
December 3-5, 2018
Almaty Kazakhstan

Almaty 2018 - Group Almaty 2018 - Training

The 2018 Central Asia Forum was held December 3-5, 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This three day workshop brought together PEER researchers from six Central Asian countries to discuss their work and results, as well as provided an opportunity for these researchers to build collaborative relationships with each other and regional institutions. Researchers were each given an opportunity to highlight their work with a focus on the key objectives and deliverables that they have and hope to accomplish by the end of their projects. The US National Academies also offered comprehensive financial and project management best practices tailored to each PI with one-on-one meetings with Senior Financial and Administrative Officer Jim Banihashemi. On the third day, Dr. Iman Mallakpour,  University of California, Irvine gave an in-depth GIS training focused on the QGIS software package.

Speaker Presentations

December 3, 2018

Welcome remarks
Jason Porter, USAID

Knowledge development experience of the Kazakh-German University. Knowledge development in CA
Barbara Janusz-Pawletta, UNESCO Chair in Water Resources Management in Central Asia, the German-Kazakh University

Best practices for the financial management of your grant
Jim Banihashemi, U.S. National Academy of Sciences

Travel and Visas
Daniel Placht, U.S. National Academy of Sciences

Uzbekistan - Project 4-97: Mitigating the competition for water in the Amu Darya River Basin, Central Asia, by improving water use efficiency
PI: Kakhramon Djumaboev, International Water Management Institute

Uzbekistan - Project 5-523: Implications of climate change, land use and adaptation interventions on water resources and agricultural production in Transboundary Amu Darya river basin
PI: Zafar Gafurov, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
Presentation by Bekzod Akramov

Kyrgyzstan - Project 5-519: Integrated water resources management and strategic environmental assessment of Kabul and Amudarya Rivers
PI: Zheenbek Kulenbekov, American University of Central Asia

Uzbekistan - Project 6-310: Reducing water pollution and carbon emissions from irrigated areas by improving irrigation management and rural livelihoods: case studies from energy intensive pump irrigated areas of Sogd Province, Tajikistan and Kashkadarya Province, Uzbekistan
PI: Oyture Anarbekov, International Water Management Institute - Central Asia Office

Pakistan - Project 4-323: Understanding our joint water-climate change challenge and exploring policy options for cooperation on the Afghan-Pak transboundary Kabul River Basin
PI: Hina Salim Lotia, LEAD Pakistan

Pakistan – Project 5-85: Using water resources systems analysis to guide transboundary Kabul River water partnership
PI: Hina Salim Lotia, LEAD Pakistan

December 4, 2018

Pakistan - Project 4-255: Enhanced Engagement in Research on the Kabul River Basin (EKaRB)
PI: Muhammad Azeem Ali Shah, International Water Management Institute

Kyrgyzstan - Project 4-454: Water resources response on glacier dynamics in Central Asia transboundary river basins
PI: Tamara Tuzova, Institute of Water Problems and Hydro Power of the National

Afghanistan - Project 5-33: Determination of floods magnitude projection, causes, vulnerable areas and its solutions: a cause study of Kabul River basin
PI: Mohammad Assem Mayar, Organization of Skill Development and Social Services (OSDSS)
Presentation by Hamidullah Asady

Afghanistan - Project 4-257: Impacts of climate change on transboundary water treaties/sharing: a case study of the Kabul River Basin, Afghanistan
PI: Fahima Sadeqi Nezhad, AZMA Technical and Vocational Institute

Afghanistan - 5-74: Regionalization of the Global Integrated Drought Monitoring and Prediction System (GIDMaPS) for Afghanistan
PI: Khadija Jawadi, Environmental Conservation Specialist Organization of Afghanistan (ECSOA)

Tajikistan - Project 4-356: Risk management and assessment of water resources of the Amu Darya River Basin under conditions of climate change and construction of large reservoirs
PI: Inom Normatov, Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower, and Ecology, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan

Afghanistan - Project 5-236: Satellite-enhanced snowmelt flood and drought predictions for the Kabul River Basin (KRB) with surface and groundwater modeling
Kabul Polytechnic University - Saiyed Momin Nori
PI/co-PI: Mohammad Najaf, Kabul Polytechnic University (Afghanistan), Jay Sagin, Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan), and Muhammad Abid, COMSATS, (Pakistan) - Group presentation by: Mohammad Najaf, Muhammad Abid and Saiyed Momin Nori

Tajikistan - Project 5-140: Interstate water resource risk management: towards a sustainable future for the Pyanj River basin
PI: Rano Eshankulova, Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower, and Ecology, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan

Uzbekistan - Project 5-323: Provision of science based evidence on climate induced water quality challenges in Amu Darya basin
PI: Iskandar Abdullaev, Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (CAREC)
Presentation by Mr.Umirbekov Atabek

December 5, 2018

GIS training
Iman Mallakpour, University of California, Irvine