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copyrightCopyright in the Digital Era: Building Evidence for Policy (May 2013)

August 1, 2013
We are all in this Together
The Hill (blog)
Recently, the National Research Council of the National Academies released a study where it found that the copyright debate lacks independent empirical research to properly inform the debate. This lack of information coupled with the budding ...

May 8, 2013
Report: Copyright Enforcement Needed Outside U.S.
Home Media Magazine
The lack of copyright enforcement outside of the United States remains a major detriment to home entertainment sales, according to a new report from the National Research Council (NRC) Report on Copyright. “Although copyright law and other remedies... 


May 6, 2013
Broad Coalition of Public and Private Interests Call for Objective Data & Research Concerning Copyright Reform
That's why it's actually quite encouraging to see a new report from the US National Research Council that has begun the process of calling for more objective data to inform the upcoming copyright reform debate…

May 3, 2013
Copyright Debate Needs Better Research
Advanced Television
Objective data and independent empirical research will better inform the debate surrounding copyright policy in the digital age, according to US research body the National Research Council. The Council notes that the roll-out of the World Wide Web and...

May 3, 2013
US Study Calls for Objective Data to Inform Review of Copyright Policy
Intellectual Property Watch
The US National Research Council has issued a report that looks at copyrighted works in the age of the internet, and finds a need for objective data and independent empirical research on copyright protection and the limits it can place on innovation and free speech. This comes as efforts are underway to review US copyright policy...

May 2, 2013
Copyright Report Recommends Wide-Ranging Study
Multichannel News
A National Academy of Sciences National Research Council report on the state of copyright says that given the current debate over the issue typified by the fight over SOPA-PIPA online piracy legislation that died in the last Congress...

May 2, 2013
Copyright In The Digital Era: Building Evidence For Policy, National Academies New Report
The National Academies Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy (STEP) has just issued a report titled “Copyright in the Digital Era: Building Evidence for Policy”...