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Pakistan-US Science and Technology Cooperation Program                                                            
Phase 1 (2005 Deadline)

Establishment of an Extrusion Center at the Institute of Food Science and
Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

Mian Nadeem Riaz, Texas Engineering Experiment Station
Faqir Muhammad Anjum, University of Agriculture Faisalabad
Pakistani Funding (HEC): $389,000
US Funding:   $320,000
Project Dates on US Side: January 1, 2006 - December 31, 2007 (Completed)

Project Overview

Extrusion is a cooking process that produces an expanded or puffed crispy product generally based on cereals or legumes. During the process, proteins and other additives may be incorporated to enhance the quality of the end product. Extrusion processing for both food and animal feed products has become very popular worldwide, but prior to this project Pakistan lacked access to this important technology. This project has established a new extrusion center at the National Institute of Food Science and Technology at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in order to train scientists, students, and food and feed industry personnel in the use of extrusion technology for processing foods, oilseed crops, and feed ingredients.

Major Results

  • Established the state- of- the-art, food and feed extrusion center equipped with modern single screw extruder with auxiliary equipment at the National Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF)
  • Attracted revenue-generating projects from local food industry interested in using this unique extrusion center to produce new products
  • Created new curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students at UAF
  • Provided infrastructure and training to allow MS and PhD students to conduct research on using locally grown grains and oil seeds to add value and improve nutritional properties of various food products
  • Conducted short courses introducing extrusion technology to food industry professionals.

Progress Report Summaries

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