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Pakistan-US Science and Technology Cooperation Program
Phase 7 (2017 Deadline)

Hydrocarbon potential of the northern Pakistan fold-thrust belt
US Partner: Delores Robinson, University of Alabama
Pakistan Partner: Shah Faisal, University of Peshawar
Project summary
This project aims to determine the hydrocarbon potential of the Salt Range-Potwar Plateau, Kohat Plateau, and Bannu Basin region of Pakistan using field data and modeling. It will contribute to earthquake assessment and alleviating the energy crisis in Pakistan.

Progress Report

Drs. Robinson and Faisal have spent the past year in preparation for the field work that will occur in October of 2018 and 2019. Field work is the heart of the project as these are the data needed to determine the geometry of the rocks in northern Pakistan and whether or not these rocks may store hydrocarbons. Preparation for the field work has included collection of preliminary field data by Pakistani graduate students, working with these data to build maps, conducting laboratory analyses, and acquiring data from local oil and gas companies to aid the project.

In the coming year, Dr. Robinson and a graduate student will visit Pakistan and join Dr. Faisal and his team for field work. During field work, data and samples will be gathered for interpretation and analysis when the teams return to their respective universities. Dr. Faisal will come to the University of Alabama to learn the laboratory techniques of Dr. Robinson. Subsequently, they will combine their research to produce an integrated view of the hydrocarbon potential of rocks in northern Pakistan.