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Attached through the links below are four questionnaires. These questionnaires are for informational purposes only, not data collection.
Data have been collected with an interactive format using a secure website.

Download Questionnaires:
PLEASE NOTE: The Questionnaires were finalized on 12/04/06. Any subsequent revisions are entirely for clarification of instructions. Note that web versions will differ from text versions. Web instructions and patters are shown in italics on the text versions.
You will need to download Adobe Acrobat to view pdf-formatted questionnaires.

Institutional Questionnaire FINAL Version [PDF Format] [Word Document]
Program Questionnaire FINAL Version (changes since 11/6/06 are highlighted in yellow) [PDF Format] [Word Document]
Program Questionnaire for Emerging Fields FINAL Version [PDF Format] [Word Format]
Faculty Questionnaire FINAL Version (changes are highlighted in yellow) [PDF Format] [Word Document]

Sample specifications for prepopulation of the faculty questionnaire [Excel Format]
Student Questionnaire FINAL Version
[PDF Format] [Word Document]

Generic Program Quality Questionnaire [PDF Format] [Word Document]

Who should answer the questionnaires?

The first person to think about these questions is the Institutional Coordinator. Every university is different when it comes to data—some are highly centralized and can fill in data on the Institutional and Program Questionnaires centrally. Others are not. The IC will be responsible for sending the program questionnaires to the right place and collecting them before transmittal to the NRC. The Faculty Questionnaire will be populated with the program name by the Institutional Coordinator’s office. Then they should be sent back to the NRC, which will distribute them, with passwords, to the faculty members, who will be asked to return them to the NRC. The Student Questionnaire will also be sent by the NRC to a list of advanced doctoral students supplied to the NRC by the Institutional Coordinator. These will be in five fields: English, Economics, Physics, Neuroscience/Neurobiology, and Chemical Engineering. IC’s will be notified a month before the distribution of the Student and Faculty questionnaire and asked to raise awareness of the impeding data collection effort.

Please see the Institutional Review Board page for IRB Approval information.