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Koshland Science Museum

The Resilient America Roundtable partnered with the
Koshland Science Museum (now LabX) of the National Academy of Sciences to develop the role-playing game, Extreme Event, that builds community resilience in the face of disasters.  Game participants experience what it takes for a community to prepare for and respond to a disaster by working with other players through disaster scenarios to prioritize resources, build coalitions with other community groups, respond to the disaster, and assess the disaster's impacts on the community.

* Watch an overview of the Extreme Event Game produced by Intuitive Company

* Watch the Extreme Event game in action.

Game materials for two disaster scenarios, River City and Coastal City, are available online.

* Learn how to host your own Extreme Event.


, is a new program of the National Academy of Sciences that aims to empower individuals, groups, and communities to use the sciences in order to make decisions related to their lives. Participants in LabX activities, events and programs will come together to investigate, discuss and collaborate on impactful, meaningful issues that are supported by evidence from scientific research.


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