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The logo 140px Roundtable and its programs aim to help communities and the nation 
build resilience to extreme events, save lives, and reduce the physical and economic costs of disasters. 

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Measuring Community Resilience Webinar

September 28, 2016

As part of its ongoing commitment to connect with communities across the country, the ResilientAmerica program has been engaging communities in its resilience measures work. One of the four pillars of the ResilientAmerica program is to work with communities to identify or develop ways to measure disaster resilience. Measuring resilience is one way communities can assess their current level of resilience and identify areas for improvement.

This webinar showcased two communities, Minneapolis and Spokane, that are using measures to track progress toward community goals. Both communities talked about why they started tracking progress, what process they used to develop measures, and what measures they are using.

City Goal Results Minneapolis

  • Andrea Larson, Business Process and Data Analyst, City of Minneapolis
  • Laurelyn Sandkamp, Business Process and Data Analyst, City of Minneapolis

Spokane Community Indicators

  • D. Patrick Jones, Ph.D., Executive Director, Institute for Public Policy & Economic Analysis, Eastern Washington University

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