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The logo 140px Roundtable and its programs aim to help communities and the nation 
build resilience to extreme events, save lives, and reduce the physical and economic costs of disasters. 

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State of Resilience Leadership Forum and Community Workshop

Breakout Session:  Measuring Resilience

June 29, 2016

In June 2016, the ResilientAmerica Roundtable hosted the State of Resilience Leadership Forum and Community Workshop. The second day featured several breakout sessions including one focused on measuring resilience. Joshua Barnes, Director for Preparedness Policy at the National Security Council, moderated the session. He kicked off the discussion by posing two questions to consider during the session:

  • How can we find ways to integrate resources to make them relevant to measuring resilience?
  • How do we measure resilience to meet the needs for different “customers”?

The group then heard from two speakers who shared their journey in developing community measures within Minneapolis, MN and Longmont, CO.

  • Andrea Larson, Business Process and Data Analyst, City of Minneapolis
  • Molly O’Donnell, Resiliency Environmental Planner and Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Program Coordinator, City of Longmont

The City of Minneapolis developed a Community Indicator Project which has been useful in their resilience planning work. They selected the indicators based on community engagement with a diverse set of stakeholders. The Project has united city departments, provided data for action reports, and improved comprehensive planning.

The City of Longmont, as part of the Boulder County Collaborative, created time to recovery goals based on the NIST recovery guide. They held mini workshops to come up with specific community goals and ultimately developed a set of resilience criteria adapted from the State of Colorado resilience framework.


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