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Angela Byars-Winston is an Professor in the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) Department of Medicine and Driector of Research and Evalution in the UW Center for Women’s Health Research. Her research investigates cultural influences on academic and career develpoment, especially for racial and ethnic minorities and women in the sciences, engineering, and medicine. In 2010, Dr. Byars-Winston was awarded a multi-year NIH R01 grant as Principal Investigator to measure and test critical factors in mentor training interventions for mentors of ethnically diverse trainees in biological science. A renerwal for this RO1 grant was awarded in 2014 with Dr. Christine Pfund to focus on research mentor cultural diversity awareness. She was selected as a 2011 Champion of Change by the White House for her research efforts to diversify science fields, is an elected fellow of the American Psychological Association, and was reocgnized by the UW as a 2014 Outstanding Woman of Color. Dr. Byars-Winston completed a predoctoral clinical internship at the University of Maryland, College Park and received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Arizona State University.