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USNC-URSI Commission B - Fields and Waves

Announcements and Documents for USNC Commission B

Chair: Jamesina Simpson, University of Utah
Vice Chair: Branislav Notaros, Colorado State University
Secretary: Reyhan Baktur, Utah State University
Technical Activities Chair: Satish Sharma, San Diego State University
Member Nominations Chair: Steven Weiss, The Army Research Lab
Webmaster: Chelsea Bock, Board on International Scientific Organizations, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

View the full USNC/URSI Commission B membership list here.

Nominations for (full, associate, or early career) membership in Commission B should be submitted online via the Nomination Form. Please address any questions to the Membership Nominations Chair Dr. Steven Weiss. Candidates must apply by December 1 of each year to be considered during the January meeting (unless the January meeting is not being held as is the case in 2020) or by May 1 of each year to be considered during the summer joint symposium with the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society.

Minutes of the last business meeting: 

Minutes and reports from past business meetings (since 2009):

Boston 2018
Boulder 2018     
San Diego 2017      
Boulder 2017
Puerto Rico 2016
Boulder 2016 (Revised)
Vancouver 2015   
Memphis 2014
Boulder 2014
Orlando 2013
Boulder 2013
Chicago 2012
Boulder 2012
Spokane 2011
Boulder 2011
Toronto 2010
Boulder 2010 (corrected)
Charleston 2009
Charleston 2009, TAC Report
Boulder 2009
Boulder 2009, TAC Report

Minutes of past business meetings (prior to 2009):
San Diego 2008
Boulder 2008
Ottawa 2007
Albuquerque 2006
Boulder 2006
Washington, DC 2005
Boulder 2005
Monterey 2004
Boulder 2004
Columbus 2003
San Antonio 2002
Boulder 2002
Boston 2001
Boulder 2001
Salt Lake City 2000
Boulder 2000
Orlando 1999
Boulder 1999
Atlanta 1998
Boulder 1998
Montreal 1997



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