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USNC-URSI Commission G - Ionospheric Radio and Propogation

Chair: Attila Komjathy, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Vice-Chair: Thomas Gaussiran II, Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin

Nominations for (full and associate) membership in Commission G should be submitted to Membership Committee Chair, Attila Komjathy, for further information. Nomination Form

2019 URSI National Radio Science Meeting Commission G Special Sessions

Session G1: New Horizons in Active and Passive Radio Techniques for Geospace Remote Sensing (Philip Erickson, Scott Palo, Julio Urbina)

Session G2: New RF Data Networks for Global Space Plasma Imaging (Gary Bust, Roy Calfas)

Session G3: Ionospheric Effects of the Solar Eclipse (Terry Bullett)

Session G4: Space-Based Ionospheric Measurements (Y. Jade Morton, Nicolas Lee)

Session G5: Space Plasma Measurement Techniques (Tom Gaussiran, Terry Bullett)

Session GH1: Meteors, Orbital Debris, and Dusty Plasmas (Eric Gillman, Ed Thomas)

Session GH2: Ionospheric Modification (Robert Moore, Eliana Nossa)

Session FGH1: GNSS and Radio Beacon Remote Sensing (Carl Siefring, Clara Chew, John Swoboda)

Session BGH1: Techniques for Modeling of Waves in Plasmas (Mark Golkowski, Robert Lysak)

Session HEG1: Lightning and the Ionosphere (Victor Pasko, Robert Marshall)

Past Commission G Reports (All PDF Files)

2011-2014 Triennium Report
2008-2011 Triennium Report
2005-2008 Triennium Report
GASS 2011 Report - Istanbul
GASS 2008 Report - Chicago
GASS 2005 Report - New Delhi