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Charlotte Hess

Charlotte Hess is Associate Dean for Research, Collections and Scholarly Communication at Syracuse University Library where she is an advocate and spokesperson for the knowledge commons, open access and the mindful collection, organization, distribution and preservation of the cultural and scholarly record.   Before coming in SU in August 2008, Hess was at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis and the founder and director of the Digital Library of the Commons at Indiana University (1999-2008).  Hess served on the Executive Council of the International Association for the Study of the Commons as the Information Officer 1997- 2009.  Hess has written and lectured extensively on the knowledge commons and more recently on new commons. She has collaborated with Elinor Ostrom on works including “Private and Common Property Rights,” 2008. Encyclopedia of Law & Economics.  E. Elgar.; “A Framework for Analyzing the Microbiological Commons.”  2007. International Social Science Journal 58(188):336-349; “Ideas, Facilities, and Artifacts: Information as a Common-Pool Resource” 2003. Law and Contemporary Problems 66(1-2) and their 2007 book, Understanding Knowledge as a Commons: From Theory to Practice. MIT Press.  Other recent works include:  A Comprehensive Bibliography of Common Pool Resources.  2008.; and the working paper “Mapping New Commons.” 2008.