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Bonnie C. Carroll is President of Information International Associates, Inc. (IIa), an information management and technology services company. IIa supports government and industry in managing information as a strategic resource. Ms. Carroll is Executive Director of CENDI, the federal scientific and technical information (STI) managers’ group, and a Consultant to a number of Federal science mission agencies. She has served as the Executive Secretary for two White House Science Office Interagency Working Groups. For almost four decades, she has participated in research and development projects including a major assessment of STI in the U.S. for the National Science Foundation; the development of a topography of STI systems for the Library of Congress; and the development of the concept for a national library for energy science and technology DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information.  She has been a consultant to foreign and international organizations including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Kingdom of Jordan, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), and the International Council for Scientific Information (ICSTI).
Before starting IIa, Ms. Carroll worked at DOE’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information as Director of Program Development and International Activities and Deputy and Acting Assistant Manager for Information Services. She worked with contract research companies, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Cornell University.  She served as President of the American Society for Information Science &Technology and as Chair of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Section on Information, Computing and Communications. Ms. Carroll serves on the NAS National Research Council Board of Research Data and Information and is the US National Representative to International CODATA. She is on the editorial board for the journal Information Services and Use.  She has an MS from Columbia University and a BA from Cornell University.