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Gregory David Phelan is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Chemistry Department at the State University of New York College at Cortland and is an Affiliate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Washington.  He received his Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Washington in 2003 under the direction of Larry R. Dalton.  He holds degrees in Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, and in Physical Chemistry from his work with Harry Frisch on polymer networks.
Dr. Phelan’s research interests include nanophotonics, polymer science, and biotechnology. His research has appeared in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Analytical Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. His research has contributed to the formation of four technology companies including the publically traded Lumera. In his most recent project, Seattle Polymer, he is exploring the creation and commercialization of intellectual property. Dr. Phelan has more than 30 patents issued worldwide or in the application process. In 2011 he received the State University of New York President’s Award for Funded Research and an Excellence in Scholarship, Research, and Outreach award.
Recent Publications:
1)      Carlson, B., Kaminsky, W., Eichinger, B., Phelan, G., Sensor and Actuators – Part B, 145 (1), 278-284, 2010.
2)      Carlson, B., Phelan, G., Bullock, J., Hance, T. M., Kaminsky, W. Analytical Chemistry 81(1), 262-267, 2009.
3)      Hammond, S. R.; Clot, O.; Firestone, K. A.; Bale, D. H.; Lao, D.; Haller, M.; Phelan, G. D.; Carlson, B.; Jen, A. K.-Y.; Reid, P. J.; Dalton, L. R., Chem. Mater., 20(10); 3425-3434, 2008.
4)      Carlson, B., Kaminsky, W., Eichinger, B., Phelan, G., J. Phys. Chem. C  112(21), 7858-7865, 2008.
5)      Phelan, G. D., “Applications of Nanophotonics to Materials Science” NASA Technical Briefs 2008.
Recent Patent/Applications:
1)      “Hyperpolarizable organic chromophores” 7,029,606
2)      “Osmium complexes and related organic light-emitting devices” 7,4161,791
3)      “Acceptor compounds useful for making hyperpolarizable organic chromophores” 7,507,840
4)      Cell growth media, tissue adhesives, and wound healing promotion based upon acrylics and uses thereof – 2011 – Application
5)      Crosslinked hydrogels of cellulose derivatives as structural material as cell growth scaffold materials – 2011 – Application
6)      The use of supercritical systems as non-green house, zero VOC, non-toxic, ozone safe medium for textile fabrication – 2010 – Application
7)      The use of supercritical systems as non-green house, non-polluting, ozone safe and non-toxic materials in dry cleaning, semiconductor cleaning, and industrial part cleaning” – 2010 – Application
8)      Hydrolytically stable cross-linked polymers as structural materials and coatings to lessen toxicity of food and beverage containers – 2010 – Application
9)      Environmentally benign plasticizers based on derivatives of (redacted). – 2010 – Provisional Application June 2010.  Full application filed June 2011.