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Board on Science and Technology in International Development (1969-1996)


You find a selection of BOSTID reports (from 1971 to 1996) under Archive.

The Board on Science and Technology in International Development (BOSTID) was created in 1969 in recognition of the importance of science and technology in contributing to solutions of social and economic development problems. Funded by USAID, BOSTID put particular emphasis on collaboration and relationship-building, comprehensiveness, and continuity in its activities. Its activities focused on local priorities and perceptions of needs, complemented by relevant experience from the United States and elsewhere. Activities were also coordinated with technical assistance organizations of other countries, particularly in identifying development-related research priorities, in order to avoid duplication and overtaxing of local resources. 

BOSTID employed a wide variety of program mechanisms–workshops and advisory group visits to developing countries, study reports and computer-linked conferences, research grants and short training courses–to carry out its comprehensive program. Its projects can be divided into three broad categories:  

  • those related to specific applications of science, technology, and engineering,
  • those related to countries and regions, and
  • those related to research grants and building research capacity.  
BOSTID published over 50 different reports and distributed them without charge to developing country farmers, researchers and policymakers, and staff and officials of technical assistance agencies and research organizations.