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February 19-20, 2019
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University-Industry Partners Program


GUIRR welcomes new members via the University-Industry Partners program. Download an informative brochure on the University-Industry Partners Program. Additional information on the University-Industry partners Program can be found below.

What GUIRR Makes Possible

Access to the National Academies network of international scientists, world-class experts, senior government officials, industry leaders, and academic decision makers—the key policy makers with responsibilities for the long-term health of the nation’s science and technology enterprise.

An educational forum to focus attention and coalesce, experts, policy makers, and industry leaders around issues of national concern.

Action-oriented working groups composed of G/U/I members and facilitated by the National Academies staff committed to implementing institutional change. 

A flexible, secure, and informal setting to maximize interaction among Roundtable members, federal officials, and Academy leaders.

An institutional charter to convene closed-door meeting on issue of pressing national concern requiring frank, in-depth, and open exchange of perspectives (exempt from Federal Advisory Committee Act).

Ability to enlist high-level government officials (e.g. Congress, Administration) to create visibility, immediacy, and effective implementation of policy.
GUIRR Working Groups

Individual Council members and U-I Partners propose and champion projects to be taken on by individual GUIRR Working Groups. Working group projects thus reflect the specific interests of their participants, as well as broad national concerns. These working groups, when combined with the National Academies’ congressional mandate as advisers to the nation and its international recognition in the sciences, has the potential for bringing national attention to a wide range of issues.

Examples of U-I Collaborations

  • Editorial articles (op ed pieces) written by U-I partners and distributed by the National Academies to science and engineering media outlets.
  • Creation of the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)—a semi-autonomous GUIRR-sponsored entity. The FDP was originally organized as a grass-roots effort among Roundtable members to demonstrate effective business approaches in administering federal grants and contracts.
  • Development of press strategies for emerging issues.
  • Facilitation of collaborative activities across federal agencies.
  • Physical products (e.g., templates for legal agreements).
  • Beta test concepts for new educational and research partnership arrangements.
  • Alliances with outside organizations to accomplish a specific national policy goal.

Process for Becoming a U-I Partner

In order to maintain a balance of interests within our organization, new members join in pairs: a university and industry paired together. Typically a VP of Research (or equivalent) at one organization would contact the GUIRR Director with an expression of interest. If the prospective member has a complementary partner in mind, all that remains is for the contact information for the two organizational representatives to be forwarded to the GUIRR Director. An invoice is then generated ($30,000 annual dues, shared between the two partnering organizations in any way they see fit) and sent to the two representatives. Once the dues are received at GUIRR, the two member organization representatives are invited to the next GUIRR meeting. Because University-Industry Partners membership is based on the institution, not the individual, the individual sent to GUIRR meetings is allowed to vary, depending on the needs of the institution. This is not true of other membership categories.

If one party has interest but no partner, the GUIRR Director can often help arrange a suitable partnership, working with other unpaired institutions waiting to join GUIRR.

The GUIRR Director may be contacted at:

Susan S. Sloan
Director, GUIRR
Rm. 549 Keck

The National Academies
Washington, DC 20001
Tel: 202-334-1706
FAX: 202-334-1369