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How do government decision makers decide how to allocate scarce scientific resources? Participants in this workshop will review the findings and recommendations from NSF-funded projects that investigated this topic. The workshop will enhance the information that is available to researchers and federal agency experts to identify what data are needed to bridge the gap between science and decision making. This information will enable research agencies to improve their own assessments and management practices.

Innovation Policy Forum

 Workshop on Government Decision-Making
to Allocate Scientific Resources

 January 8-9, 2018

National Academies Keck Center
Room 100
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC

Monday, January 8
(Authors in italics will be attending the workshop)

9:00 AM           Welcome: David Hart, co-chair, Innovation Policy Forum 

9:10 AM           Panel I:  Scientific Labor Force 
William Bonvillian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

   A Research Agenda for Science of Broadening Participation: STEM Employment of Individuals with     

   Kaye Husbands Fealing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Paul Manuel Aviles Baker, Georgia Institute of Technology,
   Connie L. McNeely, George Mason University, 
and Andrew Hanus, Georgia Institute of Technology view presentation | view paper


   Student Visa Policy and the Scientific Workforce

   Sarah Turner, University of Virginia  view presentation | view paper

Efforts to Improve Non-Academic Career Outcomes among University Postdocs
   Marla Parker, 
California State University-Los Angeles, and Christopher Hayter, Arizona State University view presentation | view paper

10:40 AM        Coffee Break

11:00 AM        Panel II: Interdisciplinary Research

                        Moderator: Jerry Lee, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

                        Infrastructure for Interdisciplinarity

   Erin Leahey, University of Arizona  view presentation| view paper

   Funding Team Science

   Jonathon Cummings, Duke University view presentation| view paper

  Groundwater Security Under Drought: Synthesis and Analysis of Information, and Recommendations to
  Address Knowledge  Gaps

  Amanda Fencl, University of California-Davis, Ruth Langridge, University of California-Santa Cruz,
  and Linda Esteli Barrientos, University of California-Davis view presentation
|view paper


12:30 PM        Lunch

1:30 PM          Panel III:  Innovation
William Colglazier, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

  Regulation, Deregulation, and Technological Innovation
  David Hart, George Mason University  view presentation |view paper

  The Use of Innovation Prizes in Government
             Luciano Kay, University of California-Santa Barbara view presentation | view paper

  Manufacturing Location & Technology Changes: Implications for Innovation and the Nature of Work
  Kate Whitefoot, Christophe Combemale, and Erica Fuchs, Carnegie Mellon University view presentation 

  The Effects of Patents on Innovation, Diffusion, and Access
  Bhaven Sampat, Columbia University (remote access) view presentation | view paper

3:15 PM          Coffee Break   

3:30 PM          Panel IV: Improving Policy Making
                       Moderator: Rebecca Keiser, National Science Foundation

                       Advising the President on Science Policy and the Role of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
                       Kenneth M. Evans and Kirstin R.W. MatthewsRice University  view presentation|view paper 

  New Directions for Impact
             J. Britt Holbrook, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Robert Frodeman, University of  Texas view presentation | view paper

  Facilitating the Use of Evidence in Science Policy Making
             Kimberley Isett, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Diana Hicks, Georgia Institute of Technology view presentation | view paper

5:00 PM           Key Messages from Today's Meeting
                        Deborah Stine, Carnegie Mellon University
                        Maryann Feldman,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

5:30 PM           Adjourn Day 1

Tuesday, January 9

9:00 AM           Panel V:  Entrepreneurship 

                        Moderator: Gary Anderson, National Science Foundation

                        Government Brokerage of Innovation Networks

                        Andrew SchrankBrown University, and Joshua Whitford, Columbia University view presentation | view paper

                        Employee Non-compete Agreements
                        Matthew Marx, Boston University view presentation |view paper

10:15 AM        Coffee Break

10:30 AM        Panel VI: Big Science and Big Infrastructure Projects versus Small Projects in Portfolios 
Troy Scott, RTI International

  Institutional Innovation to Close the Infrastructure Knowledge-Action Gap
             Christine Kirchhoff, University of Connecticut, John Katzenberger, Aspen Global Change Institute, and
             James Arnott, Aspen Global Change Institute and University of Michigan
     view presentation

  The Use of Research Portfolios in Science Policy
             Nicholas Vonortas, George Washington University, and Ismael Rafols, Valencia Polytechnic University and Sussex University  
             view presentation | view paper

12:00 PM
        Key Takeaways from this Workshop
 Deborah Stine, Carnegie Mellon University
                       Maryann Feldman,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

12:30 PM
        Adjourn Day 2