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Science and Technology for Sustainability Program
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Upcoming Events

Urban Sustainability in China and the US
December 16, 2019, Washington, DC

Nobel Prize Summit 2020: Our Planet, Our Future
April 29-May 1, 2020. Washington, DC
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Recent Events

Roundtable on Science and Technology for Sustainability
July 30-31, 2019, Washington, DC

Strengthening Sustainability Program at the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels
February 13, 2019, Washington, DC

Reducing Food Loss and Waste Workshop

October 17, 2018, Washington, DC

National Academy of Sciences
Room 125
2101 Constitution Ave NW Washington, DC
October 4, 2016

Open Session

1:00 pm         Chair’s Opening Remarks
                        Kenneth Kizer, University of California, Davis Health System, Committee Chair

1:10 pm         Sponsors Briefing on the Statement of Task
  • Thomas O’Toole, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Ann Gabriel, Elsevier
  • Richard Thomason, Blue Shield of California Foundation (teleconference)
  • Andrea Iloulian, Hilton Foundation (teleconference)
  • Sandra Hernandez, California Health Care Foundation (teleconference)
1:40 pm        General Discussion and Q&A on Sponsor Perspectives

1:50 pm        PSH Programs for Individuals who are Homeless and have Multiple Diagnoses
  Sam Tsemberis, Pathways to Housing

2:30 pm        The Research on Supportive Housing and its Impact on Health
                       Marcella Maguire,  Corporation for Supportive Housing 
3:10 pm        BREAK

3:25 pm        National Perspective on Housing, Health, and Homelessness
                       Marcella Maguire,  Corporation for Supportive Housing

4:05 pm        Open Microphone Session: Brief Comments from Interested Parties
                       Comments will be limited to 5 minutes, if you would like to address the committee please send an email to

4:15 pm        Open Session Concludes

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