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Approaches to Reducing the Use of Forced or Child Labor


Statement of Task


An ad hoc committee will convene a public workshop on practices to reduce the use of forced or child labor in the

production of goods.  In preparation for the workshop, which will feature invited presentations and discussions,

the committee will oversee the collection of illustrative examples of such practices.  Using this and other information

provided at the workshop, participants will discuss the elements of a possible framework for identifying and

organizing a standard set of practices that will reduce the likelihood that persons will use forced labor or child labor

to produce goods, with a focus on business and governmental practices.  An individually-authored summary of the

workshop will be produced, including examples of some of the business and government practices discussed.




U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs


Workshop Presentations


Identifying Good Practices for Producers/Purchasers to Reduce the Use of Child or Forced Labor  

Keck Center of the National Academy of Sciences

May 11-12, 2009




Rachel Rigby and Charita Castro, U.S. Department of Labor,

Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking    presentation (PDF)


Jeffrey Morgan, Director- Global Programs, Mars Inc.  presentation (PDF)


Bill Guyton, President, World Cocoa Foundation  presentation (PDF)


Meg Roggensack, Policy Director, Free the Slaves


Thea Lee, Policy Director, AFL-CIO


Toni Dembski, Senior Counsel in the Law Department, Target


Jorge Perez-Lopez, Executive Director, Fair Labor Assocation


Bama Athreya, Executive Director, International Labor Rights Forum


Anna Walker, Manager, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Levi’s

Benjamin Smith, Chief Technical Adviser, ILO-IPEC   presentation (PDF)


Aurélie Hauchère, Technical Project Officer, ILO- Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour   presentation (PDF)

A. Mark Neuman 
  presentation (PDF)

Vicki Walker, Program Officer, Empowerment and Civic Engagement, Winrock International   presentation (PDF)