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Board on Research Data and Information
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First Meeting of the Board on Research Data and Information

The National Academies
500 Fifth Street NW, Washington , DC

Draft Agenda


Thursday, January 29


Room 204


Closed Session




A. Chairs’ Opening Remarks

1. Introductions

2. Review of Board’s purpose and relationship to U.S. National Committee for CODATA

3. Meeting goals and agenda review


Michael Lesk and
Roberta Balstad




B. Introduction of BRDI Draft Strategic Plan

- General discussion

- Overview of results of NSF’s Cyberlearning Task Force

- Overview of interim report of NSF’s Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access


Michael Lesk

Christine Borgman

Fran Berman




Coffee Break




C. Balance and Composition of the BRDI Membership

[Board members discuss their backgrounds to determine whether there are imbalances in the composition and identify the need for additional areas of representation]


Richard Bissell, NRC Policy and Global Affairs Division




Lunch (in meeting room)


Open Session




D. Briefings from Federal Interagency Data and Information Groups

- Interagency Working Group on Digital Data

CENDI Group  (
also of potential interest: NTIS)

- U.S. Group on Earth Observations (GEO)


Cita Furlani,
Chris Greer

Ellen Herbst

Greg Withee




E. Discussion with Sponsors

- National Science Foundation
Data and Interaction: Foundations for Science, Lucy Nowell
NSF's Data-Driven Vision for Cyberinfrastructure, Edward Seidel

- National Institutes of Health

- Defense Technical Information Center

- National Institute of Standards and Technology

- Library of Congress

- Institute for Museum and Library Services

- Department of Homeland Security


Edward Seidel, Lucy Nowell, Sylvia Spengler

Elliot Siegel, Gregory Farber

Paul Ryan, Phil Casey

George Arnold

Peter Young

Joyce Ray

Nabil Adam






16:30 - 18:15


Public Symposium on Author Deposit Mandates for Federal Research Grantees

Chair: Michael Lesk

[the symposium will be netcast—audio only]

Those who cannot attend may listen to a live audio webcast of the symposium and submit questions using an e-mail form; links to listen to the webcast and submit questions will be available at the time of the event at

Remote participants who wish to submit questions or comments, should send them to beginning at 16:30 January 29.

Room 100


General discussion of speakers with the audience




Reception (in lobby outside the meeting room)


Closed Session




Board Member Dinner Meeting


Friday, January 30


Room 201


Open Session




G. Review of BRDI Projects for 2009

1. Overview of projects

2. The Future of Scientific Knowledge Discovery in Open Networked Environments Proposal
       - Scientific Knowledge Discovery Symposium Outline

3. Designing Microbial Research Commons
Prospectus for a USA Database on Culture Collections
       - International Symposium on Designing Microbial Research


Michael Lesk

Dan Atkins

Cathy Wu


H. Review of Recent, Ongoing, and Proposed USNC/CODATA Activities

1. Overview of USNC/CODATA

        - SCID Report and CODATA Strategic Plan, 2006-2011

        - Discussion of USNC/CODATA and BRDI roles

2. US-China Roundtable on Scientific Data Cooperation
        - Symposium on Common Use Licensing of Publicly Funded Scientific
          Literature and Data
        - Preliminary Program for March 2009 China-US Roundtable


Roberta Balstad



  Coffee Break  



3. International Workshop on the Socioeconomic Effects of Access and Reuse Policies for Online Public Sector Information, with OECD

4. Options for Integrating Young Researchers into BRDI’s Community and Activities

5. New Roundtable on US-India Cooperation on Data and Information

6. Collaboration with other groups – ICSU, InterAcademy Panel on International Issues (IAP), UN Global Alliance on ICT and Development


Roberta Balstad,
Julia Lane, NSF

Paul Uhlir and Raed Sharif

Subhash Kuvelker

Paul Uhlir




I. Review of International CODATA Activities

CODATA International Overview and Strategic Plan

1 . Results from CODATA 2008 Conference and General assembly in Kiyv , Ukraine , 6-10 October 2008
- Discussion of USNC follow-up

2. CODATA White Paper and Implementation Guidelines for the GEOSS Data Sharing Principles

- Status and plans

3. Action items for Spring 2009 CODATA Executive Committee meeting

4. Other international CODATA issues

- General discussion



Bob Chen and Bonnie Carroll

Bob Chen and Paul Uhlir

Bob Chen and Sara Graves

Bob Chen




Lunch (in meeting room)
Transparency: a presumption of openness
The 21st Century Right-to-Know Project - Issues in publicly funded research data and information


Tim Donaghy, Union of Concerned Scientists




J. Communication and Outreach

- Overview of existing and planned activities

- Discussion with ex officios and with representatives of external groups


Paul Uhlir

Michael Lesk




K. BRDI Strategic Plan

- Concluding discussion of Strategic Plan based on inputs received during the meeting


Michael Lesk




L. Other Related Activities and Issues

1. OECD Recommendation on Access to Data from Publicly Funded Research, and OECD Working Party on the Information Economy Working Groups and June 2008 Ministerial

2. COSEPUP Report on Ensuring Integrity, Accessibility, and Utility of Research Data in the Digital Age

3. Other issues, items raised by the committee, and general discussion


Anita Eisenstadt

Tom Arrison

Michael Lesk




M. Closing Session

1. Action items, schedule, and assignments

2. Chair’s closing remarks


Michael Lesk