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Strategies for Economic Sustainability of Publicly Funded Data Repositories
Asking the Right Questions 
NAS, Room 125
Board on Research Data and Information
National Academy of Sciences
2101 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC
March 12, 2014
AGENDA  (Click here for Description)
8:45        Welcoming remarks by the workshop co-chair, Fran Berman, RPI
Discussion Session One— Scientific Data as Research Infrastructure
(retention criteria, types of repositories/taxonomy of data types and institutions in different sectors/user requirements and principles)
9:00    Introduction by session chair, Cliff Duke, Ecological Society of America  [ PPT ]
Introductory speakers (5 minutes each):
Bonnie Carroll, Information International Associates  [ PPT ]
Alex DeSherbinin, CIESIN, Columbia U [ PPT ]
Alexa McCray, Harvard Medical School  [ PPT ]
Michael Nelson, Microsoft Research
- Plenary discussion
10:20     Break
Discussion Session Two—Business Models and Economics of Sustainable Data Infrastructures
10:40   Introduction by session chair, Elliot Maxwell, e-Maxwell and Associates                  
Introductory speakers (5 minutes each):
Robert Hanisch, STScI  [ PPT ]
Patricia Cruse, U California Digital Library  [ PPT ]
Robert Grossman, U Chicago  [ PPT ]
- Plenary discussion
12:00    Lunch (in the meeting room)
Discussion Session Three—Current Policies for the Long-term Availability of Research Data  [ PPT ]
13:00   Introduction by session chair, Fran Berman, RPI                                                                  
Introductory speakers (5 minutes each):
Myron Gutmann, ICPSR and U Colorado
- Plenary discussion
14:20   Break
Discussion Session Four—Asking the Right Questions
(What needs to be known to make progress in this area and implement a long-term data infrastructure?)
14:40     Introduction by session chair, Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information
Introductory speakers (5 minutes each):
Representatives from federal government agencies and private foundations:
Jerry Sheehan, NIH/NLM
Wo Chang, NIST
Robert Chadduck, NSF
Danny Goroff, Sloan Foundation
Chris Mentzel, Moore Foundation
- Plenary discussion
16:10     Closing remarks by workshop co-chair, Clifford Lynch
16:15     End of meeting                
* * *
We are grateful to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for their generous support of this meeting.