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Rising Above the Gathering Storm:
Development of Regional Innovation Environments
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, Madison, Wisconsin
September 20, 2011
Evening Keynote
Duane J. Roth,
CEO and Member of the Board, CONNECT 
Creating a Regional Innovation Environment
September 21, 2011
Regional Innovation Environments:Key Elements and Examples
C. D. Mote Jr., Regents Professor and former President, University of Maryland
Setting the stage:Five Years of Rising Above the Gathering Storm.
Plenary Session One: Revitalizing K-12 Science and Mathematics Education.
Session chair, Tom Luce
Tom Luce, CEO, National Math and Science Initiative
Helen Quinn, Professor Emeritus, SLAC        
Michael Lach, Special Assistant for STEM education, U.S. Department of Education
Delivering value: Why K-12 STEM education matters in the current economy. 
Plenary Session Two: Strengthening Undergraduate Education in Science and Engineering.
Session chair, Lorrie A. Shepard
Bruce Alberts, Editor in Chief, Science, and Professor Emeritus, Dept of Biochemistry and Bio Physics, University of California, San Francisco
Why Changing How We Tech Introductory Undergradsuates Science Courses is Critical for Our nationa's Future.
Robin Wright, Associate Dean, Depart. of Genetics, Cell Biology & Development, University of Minnesota
Innovation in Teaching Undergraduate Biology.
Lorrie A. Shepard, Dean of Education, University of Colorado, Boulder
Improving Undergraduate Science and Engineering Education.
Plenary Session Three: Building effective partnerships among governments, universities, companies, and other stakeholders for innovation environments.
Session chair, Arun Majumdar
Arun Majumdar, Director, ARPA-E 
Government-university-industry partnerships: regional innovation.
C.D. Mote, Jr., Regents Professor and Former President, University of Maryland   
Government-university-industry partnerships: global innovation.
Mary Good, Donaghey University Professor at the University of Arkansas
New alliances among government, industry and universities.
Plenary Session Four: Fostering Regional Technology Development and Entrepreneurship.
Session chair, William J. Spencer
Sangtae Kim, Executive Director, Morgridge Institute for Research            
Innovative research environments for regional development.
Frank Samuel, Jr., President, Geauga Growth Partnership, Inc        .
Fostering entrepreneurship and venture investment in regions.

September 22, 2011

Panel Discussion

Mary Good, Donaghey Unversity Professor at University of Arkansas

Duane J. Roth, CEO and Member of the Board, CONNECT (Presentation)

Julie Underwood, Dean of the School of Education, University of Wisconsin