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What happened to the PEER Science and PEER Health programs? 

PEER has consolidated PEER Health and PEER Science into one unified PEER Program. Additionally, the program is extending its reach across the U.S. science community to include the following partner agencies: NASA, NIH, NSF, Smithsonian, USDA, and USGS. This exciting opportunity expands the scope of research supported under PEER and creates more opportunities for cross-disciplinary and multi-sectoral research collaborations.

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Single FAQ Line
In September 2014, PEER Science and PEER Health merged into one consolidated PEER program.  Lists of the projects funded prior to the merger are available through the links below. To date, the PEER program has supported 205 projects involving participants in 48 countries. Approximately $45 million has been awarded by the overall program.
Projects by Cycle 

PEER Cycle 6 (awards announced September 2017)

PEER Cycle 5 (awards announced August 2016)

PEER Cycle 4
 (awards announced August 2015) 

PEER Science Cycle 3 (awards announced August 2014) 

PEER Health Cycle 2 (awards announced August 2014) 

PEER Health Cycle 1 (awards announced July 2013) 

PEER Science Cycle 2 (awards announced June 2013)

PEER-PIRE Special Cycle (awards announced December 2012) 

PEER Science Cycle 1 (awards announced May 2012)

Complete List of PEER Projects

Comprehensive Project List by Region (awarded 2012 through 2016)

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Map of Funded Projects

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