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2015 November Review

Application period opens
September 1

Submission deadline is 
November 1

(5:00 PM ET)

Support document deadline is November
(5:00 PM ET)

If a deadline falls on a weekend, it moves to the next business day.



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The Profile section of the application collects general information including addresses, citizenship, education history, honors and awards and employment history. Information entered on the "Confidential" page, including spouse and dependent information is required for the Fellowships Office to estimate the cost of relocation and health insurance should you be offered an award. Information on race and ethnicity is optional, but it is valuable to the Fellowships Office and its sponsors in determining how effectively we meet our objectives of participation among underrepresented groups. Note that information on the Confidential page will not be seen by the reviewers.

The Profile section also requests information on your Previous and Current Research, a listing of your Publications and a listing of your References. For Postdoctoral applicants only, you are also asked to provide the name of your Thesis Adviser, the title and status of your Dissertation, and to upload an abstract of your Dissertation. Please adhere to the following guidance when providing this information:

Dissertation Abstract
A maximum of 1 page (Times New Roman font, size 12, double-spaced) can be uploaded.

Previous and Current Research
This should include information to reflect the last five years of your professional career. Upload a maximum of 4 pages (Times New Roman font, size 12, double-spaced), keeping the amount of graphs and pictures to a minimum. Include information on where, when, and with whom these investigations were carried out.

Provide a list of your publications, including presentations, from the last five years. A maximum of 2 pages (Times New Roman font, size 12, double-spaced) can be uploaded. Publications should be listed in the following order: (1) refereed journal articles; (2) books, (3) published proceedings; (4) non-refereed articles; (5) presentations; and (6) patents. Include the (a) author(s); (b) year of publication; (c) title; (d) full name of journal; (e) volume number; and (f) page number(s). If your list exceeds the maximum length, please only include the most important publications.

Applications for postdoctoral and senior Associateship awards must include four reference reports. Applications for Faculty Fellowship awards must include three reference reports.

The respondents you choose should be acquainted with your academic and professional background. At least two of these respondents should be persons with whom you have recently worked in your major field. For Postdoctoral applicants, the thesis adviser (TA) must be one of the four referees and should be listed first.

No referees may be employed in any capacity at any location of the Agency to which you are applying.

Also see the Support Documents section

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