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2015 November Review

Application period opens
September 1

Submission deadline is 
November 1

(5:00 PM ET)

Support document deadline is November
(5:00 PM ET)

If a deadline falls on a weekend, it moves to the next business day.



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This section of the application includes details of the Research Opportunity to which you are applying and an upload of your Research Proposal. The first step is choosing the Research Opportunity Number (example: 13.24.36.B1790) that corresponds to the proposed Research Adviser you have selected. Choosing the Research Opportunity Number will populate other fields on the application page. Please verify these are correct before proceeding.

If you plan to apply to more than one Research Opportunity, you will need to repeat this step, including the upload of your Research Proposal, for each Opportunity. While you may apply to up to three agencies during a review cycle, you may not apply to multiple locations, Laboratories or Centers within the same Agency.

For Regular and Senior Associates, the tenure field will auto-populate. Senior applicants and Faculty Fellowship applicants may change the tenure period; the minimum tenure period is three months. Although your start date is negotiable, based on completion of your degree and agency funding, you should indicate a date that you consider reasonable to begin your award.

Research Proposal
Your Research Proposal is a major component of your application; be sure to follow all instructions for preparation and uploading of your Proposal. The Research Proposal should be double spaced and limited to a total of 10 pages (Times New Roman font, size 12) including citations, keeping the number of graphs and pictures to a minimum.

Prior to uploading your Proposal, complete the Statement of Anticipated Research Needs by listing any of the following: special facilities; computer resources and time; travel related to your proposed research; observatory time; animal care or human subject approvals; or other special activities. Questions regarding the availability of equipment or facilities should be discussed with your prospective Adviser.

The following guidelines apply to your proposal:

(1) The Research Proposal should address a problem of your choice that is within the scope of the research interests of the Agency to which you are applying

(2) The Research Proposal must represent your own intellectual effort. Proposed Research Advisers are free to suggest revisions to improve a proposal's scientific or technical quality or to complement the ongoing research at an Agency or Center.

(3) The Research Proposal must include the following: a) statement of problem; b) background and relevance to previous work; c) general methodology and procedure(s) to be followed; d) explanation of new or unusual techniques; e) expected results and their significance and application; and, f) literature citations where appropriate (use complete citations including titles).

Please read Guidelines for Preparation of the Research Proposal for additional information.

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