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Instructions for Electronic Funds Transfer of Stipend

The following procedures are required to initiate Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) of your stipend payments.

  1. Verify the Bank Transit/ABA Number with the manager of the bank or financial institution. Please note that your financial institution must be a member of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.
  2. Complete the attached Authorization Agreement for Automated Deposits form.  
  3.  Attach a check or photocopy of your personal check (marked "VOID").
  4. Send the completed Authorization Agreement form with check to your Program Coordinator at the NRC Fellowships Office along with your Starting Date form.

The Bank Transit/ABA Number is necessary to transfer funds electronically, and is a nine-digit number unique to each bank. The Bank Transit/ABA Number is located on the bottom left corner of the check.

Your account number appears on the bottom middle of your check. Do not include the check number, which appears after your checking account number.

Electronic transfers are made at the end of each month. You will receive a deposit advice each month confirming the direct deposit to your bank. Please retain your monthly payroll deposit advice slips as a record of your stipend payments.

You may cancel the agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer by providing appropriate written authorization to the Fellowships Office at least two weeks prior to the requested end date.

Note for New Enrollees:

You will receive a hard copy check as your first payment. After the electronic funds transfer has been tested and verified, you will receive automatic deposits for your remaining stipend payments. You should contact your financial institution to determine if the EFT was successful.

Find the EFT Enrollment Form here.