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Agenda: Meeting One

National Research Council
Committee on Enhancing the Master’s Degree in the Natural Sciences
Washington, DC
March 28-29, 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007, Room 201
Open Session

9:30 Welcome to Open Session
Rita Colwell, Committee Chair

9:35 Perspective from Sponsor and Discussion of Charge
Michael Teitelbaum, Vice President, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (download presentation)

[10:00 Break]

10:15 Master’s Education in the United States
Judith Glazer-Raymo, Lecturer and Fellow, Teachers College, Columbia University; author of Professionalizing Graduate Education: The Master’s Degree in the Marketplace (download presentation)

11:15 Professional Science Master’s Degree
Carol Lynch, Senior Scholar in Residence and Director of the PSM Initiative, Council of Graduate Schools (download presentation)

[12:15 Lunch will be provided in the meeting room]

1:00 Developments in the Life and Physical Sciences
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences
Henry Riggs, President Emeritus, Keck Graduate Institute of the Applied Life Sciences (download presentation)

The Master’s Degree in Physics
Roman Czujko, Director, Statistical Research Center, American Institute of Physics, co-author of Programs that Match Every Interest: Master’s Degree in Physics (download presentation)

[2:15 Break]

2:30 Demand for and Supply of Science Master’s Degree Recipients
An Industry Perspective of the Professional Science Master’s Degree in California
M. Daniel DeCillis, Research Associate, California Council on Science and Technology (download presentation)

Data and information about master’s education in science and mathematics
Nathan Bell, Associate Director, Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology (dowload presentation)

3:45 Committee Discussion
Rita Colwell, Committee Chair
Discussion of presentations
Looking towards the final report: Issues, Evidence, Outline

5:00 Adjourn

Thursday, March 29, 2007, Room 206
Open Session

8:00 Welcome
Rita Colwell, Committee Chair

[Breakfast will be available in the meeting room]

8:30 IBM and Service Science
Jim Spohrer, Director of Services Research, IBM Almaden Research Center (download presentation)

[9:15 Break]

9:30 Next Steps
Peter Henderson, Study Director
Review of Work Plan
Summer Workshop/Meeting: Agenda and Speakers

11:00 Adjourn